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The Unseen Disabilities

We are all, hopefully, fully aware of the needs of those with Disabilities but are we only focussed on those with visible Disabilities?

Some of us recently sat in on a session by an American Colleague who has a visual impairment, not enough to require a stick or an assistance dog but significant enough for it to cause him issues when he goes to venues. He explained during his talk that poor lighting was very much a problem and as such could cause him to stumble and fall, as well as slightly uneven surfaces going from one room to another.

This certainly made us think about how venues should be addressing this potential problem and to be aware when planning an event how we can improve things, not just for the Wheelchair users but for those with prosthetic limbs, visual impairment and other ‘invisible’ disabilities.

We hope to make more venues aware of such needs and we will keep you posted in the coming months how this is coming along.

Remember just because you can’t see a disability it doesn’t mean it’s not there!