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Event Associates launches new webinars

Here at Event Associates we have now scheduled 2 new webinars following on from the success of our previous webinars with Olympian Mark Tewksbury and Crowd Science Professor Keith Still.

Effective Communication for Virtual Meetings

Tuesday November 24th, 1500 hours, UK time

A look at both the “push and pull” skills for Personal Effectiveness including Body Language and Voice and the relationship building needed when negotiating. This session will cover Active Listening and Powerful Questioning with an emphasis on Virtual Meetings.  Our speaker is Ken Lodge.   Ken started his career in the corporate world working in office management, accountancy and sales and marketing.  However, he decided to leave the business world behind and follow his dream to go to drama school and become a professional actor.  As a result he was introduced to Professional Roleplay and developed a new passion.  The communication skills of an actor took him full circle back into the corporate world as a trainer, coach and facilitator working with various psychological models alongside his voice-work and acting to bring a total communication package to his clients.

Please click on the link to register (participant fee is £10):



Accessible and Inclusive – The Way Forward for Events

Wednesday December 2nd, 1500 hours, UK time

Please note this is the session that was previously postponed due to unforeseen circumstances

Our speakers are Professor Gregory W Ulferts (Board Director @International Association of Jesuit Business Schools) and Dr Terry L Howard (Executive Director @Alpha Iota Delta).  Greg and Terry both have disabilities that have enabled them to advise destinations and meeting planners on how to make meetings more accessible especially at a time when venues and organisers will be wanting to be fully inclusive to ensure as many delegates attend an event as possible once the pandemic is over.

Please click on the link to register (participant fee is £10):


I do hope you will be able to join us for these sessions, both of which are scheduled to last for 45 minutes to 1 hours to include a Question and Answer session.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to Julie Watterston, +44 (0)118 934 7333 or email julie@eventassociates.co.uk