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The New Normal – Venues Diversify to Accommodate Hybrid Events

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As we move to a new normal, the events industry has to adjust to a different way of delivering events. Event Associates can assist in sourcing venues and studios that can deliver high quality, versatile and professional virtual/hybrid meetings, webinars or events. This enables clients to still connect to their business counterparts – so digital does not mean you have to be disconnected even if the attendees are joining from the comfort of their own home or office.

Event professionals can rest assured that so many of the iconic venues we have come to love when delivering on-site and live client events, have made a smooth transition.  Their facilities have become self-contained studios or, in some cases, a studio with an historic backdrop or a fully-fledged reality studio. They can accommodate new and existing clients who want to be connected to deliver business meetings professionally with livestreaming locally and worldwide.

Please contact Julie Watterston at Event Associates – julie@eventassociates.co.uk for further information, or to obtain a quotation to ensure that the right venue, location, and technology is sourced on your behalf.

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