Event Associates

Conference, Exhibition & Event Planning & Management

Event Associates is open for business in “the new normal” that is 2022!

We are open and ready to deliver the best event experience ever and this is driving us to a more positive year ahead.

We have already taken a big stride into 2022 for our clients and are currently working on wonderful enquiries both in the UK and overseas.

Event Associates is excited to now be able to plan events around the world and we are here to assist you in discussing which countries are open for business. There are new venue openings for 2022 so speak to us to see what incredible spaces and hotels are available. Thinking of escaping the city? Then leave behind the hustle and bustle look to greener options.

Our industry through events and team activities creates a bonding which then, in turn, recognises your employees as well as helping to market your company.

Rest assured Event Associates is here to support, guide and deliver your events to the highest standard. So, whether you are looking for a venue, entertainment, a speaker, or someone to organise the whole event for your company, then please contact:

For further information to discuss the planning of your forthcoming event please contact:

Julie Watterston at Event Associates – julie@eventassociates.co.uk